After upgrade to Beta 231, Toad cannot create a dir under AppData

On initial launch after upgrading from previous beta, got this error:


The directory exists and is read-only. SYSTEM, the local Administrators group (of which I am a member) and my domain user all have Full Control on the directory.

Subsequent launching of Toad Beta did not raise the error.


Did you have another Toad running at the time?

16.3 was running at the time.


I think what happened is that
a) when the beta started, it couldn't access SettingsLocations.ini
b) beta thought it had to create a settings folder
c) folder already existed and then error

Normally installing the beta while 16.3 is running should be ok. I think it was just unlucky timing that led to this. I'll look at the code to see if I can prevent it from happening in the future though.