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Application Starts slowly


Are there any tweaks or recomendations to speed up the application start time.
Running Toad for DA seems to load very slowly.


In order to support unicode, Toad for Data Analysis has been written in C#. That’s the good news. The bad news is that .Net languages in general have slow startup times. That is the bad news.

We continue to work on this and do small improvements. Are you using TDA version 1.1.1? This version is better than 1.0 on start up and also hase great improvements on query execution times.

WORKAROUND: TDA has plugins for Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL and ODBC. If you do not need all of these providers you might consider deleting the ones you dont’ use. This also makes a big difference in start up time. To do this go to the plugins subdirectory and delete the database platform folders you do not use.

I just did a test. My startup time was 32 seconds with all providers. I deleted the
DB2, SQL Server, MySQL and Data Compare directory and now the start up time is 12 seconds.


Im on the latest version,
that is an excellent suggestion I was looking earlier at trimming down the added connections.