Toad & McAfee

Hi guys,
My first post to this list !

I use Toad (latest version, and McAfee Total Protection (including VirusScan 13.15) on my XP computer.

When the Virus software is activated, just starting Toad takes about 2 minutes to the splash screen, plus 3 more to the connection screen and up to 10 minutes to connect to an Oracle database.

If the Virus protection is unactivated, the splash screen comes up in 8 seconds and the whole process to the database connection, less than 30 seconds !

Any clues to that anyone ?
Any suggestion welcome
Thanks in advance


You might try adding TOAD to your anti-virus programs “white list”
– the programs to not scan when running.

TOAD does use some executable compression technology that a very long time ago
sometimes conflicted with anti-virus engines. But that was many years ago
– and since then the compression vendor has improved their tool for many
reasons – including this issue. But you never know – maybe
it’s time to check into this issue once again. John Dorlon is the person
who probably will have best reply – I think he’s used it the

Hmmmm – 30 seconds for a database connection seems rather slow. So you
might have some other issues piling on here J

I have nothing to add except I remember someone else having the same problem
about a year ago – they turned off the virus scanner and it all started
working. I’d try Bert’s suggestion of white listing.