Auto replace not working in strings

In Editor window - auto replace is not working when typing in side string.
when put inside a string
'example for rae
does not get auto replaced to RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR,
while putting it outside of quote works just fine.
If this is not a bug and such behavior is required please make an option to let user choose which one is users preferred.

I used a lot for long identifiers used across the system, it's just annoying to have go outside of the string to get AR working.

BTW the same or similar applies to comments.

You're right, the auto-replace elements don't get replaced when the Editor knows you're crafting a quoted string. I've gotten in the habit of auto-replacing before I quote, but i also agree that having an option to allow auto-replacing within quotes and comments would be a nice enhancement.

Quest Dev members please take note.

On a similar note, it would also be VERY NICE if the Toad Editor would allow users to highlight MULTIPLE portions of their code (e.g. using shift-click, ctl-click, etc.) and have the ability to mass-comment or mass-quote the selected portions of text.

The ability to mass-comment/uncomment is already there in the Refactor menu, but not for multiple selected text portions. Mass-quoting would also be a nice thing to add to the Refactor menu.

This is logged and I looked at it a couple of weeks back in fact. The edit control natively supports this via Ctrl+Click if the option is enabled. The option is not surfaced in Toad as it conflicts with another feature of Toad. Visual Studio Code allows for multiple cursors via Alt+Click which could work in Toad. I'll take a look. That would be step one. Step two would be tracking down features that currently operate on the current caret position and allowing them to work on multiple carets.

That was an intentional change, to not auto-replace in strings and comments.

I'll log an enhancement to make that an option.