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Automatic reconnect

I work on Toad for oracle
I lost my session very often. Because DBA decreased dramatically session connection timeout. So I have to intensively press keyboad shortcut to reconnect all sessions.
Is there any option that toad trigger keyboard shortcut every minute while I am coding. I mean it sholdn't lock the whole toad. It can lock one tab. This is not problem.

Best way is to work with your DBA to change your user profile so that you can work longer before any timeouts. If not possible (because of policy, security, etc.) then bring up the Transactions panel within Toad and set the refresh interval appropriately. See snap below, and Forums link here for a user with a similar keep-alive request.


The transactions window works great for this, but it didn't come along until Toad version 12.11.

Toad version 14.2 is coming out soon. This version will also have an auto-reconnect option. Also, I expect it to be a lot more stable than 12.8 was. Maybe this is a good time to update.

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I have been wanting autoreconnect for years. I am very glad it will be in 14.2.


Get the beta - try it now! :slight_smile:

Arg... I forgot all about that window! My work just switched VPNs and the new configuration disconnects my Toad sessions every 5 minutes.

OK, maybe not 5 minutes -- I could be exaggerating. It just feels like that... :smiley: