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TOAD 13.3 crashes nasty when run SQL (F9) in editor after connection timed out

Good Morning TOAD Team,

It seams that TOAD 13.3 is thinking my connection timed out way before it times out. Database set to time out in 1 hour. So much so that I'd like a F-key assigned to Session / Test All Connections (Reconnect). I have reconnected and immediately pressed F9 to receive a timeout message. Very re-creatable; but luckily not every time

Anyway, when I press F9 to run a query on an expired connection TOAD 13.3 crashes nasty. I need to kill TOAD from task manager as new errors appear as fast as I can press OK. Happened one time, I have not recreated this failure.

This is not happening on my old laptop or VM, so I'm a little concerned it is really a TOAD issue, but it is happening in TOAD.


Hi Larry,

Toad has no idea if you are timed out or not. If one timeout method is set for an hour, but you are getting disconnected before that, Toad has nothing to do with it. The Oracle client does not tell Toad immediately when the disconnect happens. Toad only finds out that there has been a disconnect when you (or Toad) attempts to run some SQL command after the disconnect happened. Something else is causing the disconnect.

One thing we can both agree on - however the timeout or disconnect happens, Toad should not give an access violation.

If Toad has background sessions, they should be included in the reconnect, but maybe they are not. One thing you could try is go to Options -> Oracle -> Transactions. Uncheck "Execute queries in threads". This will cause F9's to use the same database session as the rest of Toad.

Another thing that might be helpful is to leave the "Transactions" window open (main toolbar, next to commit/rollback). Set it up to refresh every minute or so and that should help prevent timeouts.

let me know if that helps. I haven't seen cascading access violations after a disconnect, but if you find some steps to make it happen consistently, let me know and I'll try to reproduce it.


Good Afternoon John,

Thank you!

I’ve made all your recommendations, but was called into meetings and paperwork; update to follow when I’m coding again….

When I hit a timeout without asking to reconnect before pressing F9, I’m always asked twice to reconnect, as the first always fails, second pop-up :


I’m now using the Oracle 19Cr3 client, and seldom regress to direct connect.


Good Afternoon John and TOAD team,

Access violation hell returned this afternoon: I was running a simple “alter user UserName identified by password” statement, but was successful between the access violations in accomplishing the task:

I missed the first two access violation screen shots; the last kept repeating over and over, until on closure I got another I did not screen shot.



image005.pngagain and again …



HI Larry,

Will you email me your Toad.el file? It should be in C:\Users\Admin\YOUR_WINDOWS_USER_NAME\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\13.3

Send to

Also, FYI, that "access violation at blah blah" is not any more helpful to us than it is to you. When that happens, please click where it says "click here", then in the next dialog, check the "copy to clipboard" box, then click OK, and instead of the screen shot, post your clipboard contents. That'll have all the gory details.