Automation: Complex Excel report with pivot chart crashes Toad

I am trying to build a complex Excel report, i.e. two queries going into one Excel file as shown in Debbie’s Automation series blog # 3 (btw. thanks a lot for the excellent tutorials/videos there. These are really helpfull.). Furthermore, I am also using an approach as shown in series #4 with the pivot tables. Everything works fine as long as I don’t use pivot charts.
With a lot of trial and error I found out, that building a chart from one one the pivot tables causes Toad to freeze. After that, I can only kill the toad.exe, therefore no log-file available.
Does anyone else have that problem, too? Is it a known limitation or am I doing something wrong?
Any help appreciated.


I am glad you enjoyed the videos.

There have been some issues with Excel and graphs and pivot tables. But I have not seen it hang. We have done some work on this recently. These fixes are in the Beta that will be posted today. TDP

Can you download the Beta and see if this fixes your issue? Betas are side by side installs. You only need to make copies of your automation scripts because it would upgrade the version of your scripts.


Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll wait for the new Beta then and give it a try.

Somehow related to this, I have another question. I created a Toad Pivot Grid and stored it also with a chart. After that I included it into my automation script and have it exportet to PDF. But only the data table is exportet. Is there a way to get also the graph (or only the graph) into the PDf file?

Thanks and best wishes,

This also maybe related to the same issue. Let me know the Beta goes.