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Select to File - Excel file w/ PivotCharts not working

Hi all - I’ve done some searching and cannot seem to find anyone w/ the same issue.

Here is what I am trying to do…

I have a very basic query set to export a block of data into the ‘DATA’ tab of my excel file. The file has a second worksheet called ‘REPORT’ which contains PivotTables and Charts that automatically refresh based on the contents of the ‘DATA’ tab.

The problem is that when the charts are present, I can no longer run the script to export to the data tab of my sheet. I instead get this error:

File_1 - Value cannot be less -90 and greater than 90
Parameter name: value

The curious thing is that if i delete the charts, but leave the pivottables, i am able to export successfully. Anyone else have this issue? Is it not possible to have these PivotCharts update automatically based on the underlying data?

Please help!

I have seen this before and it is related to the charts as you suspect. We have done some changes on this over the years. What version of Toad Data Point are you using. If you are not using the latest, 3.8, please try that.

We are however, in the process of getting rid of the 3rd party component that has this error. It

would be nice to have your file to test with the new component we have picked out to make sure this one does not have the same issue. Would you mind posting this file?

You can email directly to me if you like.

Thanks for the reply Debbie. I am actually on Toad for Data Analysts 3.1. Not sure how out of date that is or at what point it because TDP. Attempted to upgrade but received an error that my request could not be processed. Is it possible that there could be a workaround using my current software?

I don’t know of any work around. You could download the trial or Beta just to see if there is a difference