Pivot Grid Report - Not running properly when automated

I have created a .tpr (Pivot Grid) file that runs fine when I run it standalone... The problem is when I try to automate it, the data comes up empty. And the odd thing is I get row and column results in the excel file but no data.

The script I created has one activity... The one that is meant to refresh the pivot grid. I have assumed that this automatically calls on the original .tsm (Query Builder) file so there is no need to add this in the script.


There were some issues identified with refreshing the Pivot Grid via Automation fixed in the upcoming TDA 2.5 release. Would it be possible for you to download and test the same scenario in the 2.5 beta?


If you can attach your automation script that would be helpful for debugging purposes as well. Thanks.


Hi Alan,

Thanks for your response. Is this a definitive answer and something you know for sure or just a hunch?

Here is my automation script.

Thanks again,

Sampling - SCRIPT, 2009-08-25.tas (6.4 KB)

It’s more than a hunch but I’ll check it out in 2.5 and let you know.


You are correct… This has been fixed in V2.5 Thanks.

Thanks for the confirmation.