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Automation Designer - Create action

I am trying to Automate Code Analysis via command prompt. Able to do it with GUI, but need any ONE of the below to automate from sratch

  1. command to create a new action in automation designer (via command prompt)

  2. import (imp) command to load the exported app file.


Such command line options are no available, yet. I will add on your behalf into our Idea Pond. Thank you for your feedback.

For Code Analysis, instead of creating an new app, maybe a better option would be to use the parameter file. This would allow you to create a single CA action and use different parameter files and therefore allowing different items to be executed. This is documented in the Action Parameter Files section of the help file.


Thanks Greg for the reply.

Since i am executing it from command line ( automation) the parameter file would be executed only if an action is already created in Toad. i am unable to create an action through command line.

Thanks Lenka Vanek