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Automation Designer task


I am new to TOAD for Oracle Xpert. version

My interest is on automation designer , with db health check define. I have created the entry and it work fine. I want to modify this schedule task to have the following settings

1.) the dbhealth.htm , must be revised to this file format dbhealth_MM-DD-YYYY.htm.

2.) I want to pick the filename dbhealth_MM-DD-YYYY.htm and transfer it to ftp server. In effect my filename is always new every week.

Can you pls help me , In achiving my goals above.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

There’s no way to do that just with the DB Health Check, but if you add a “Move File” action to run immediately after the heatlh check action, you can achieve it that way.

In the Move file action, make the source file: c:\dbhealthcheck.htm or whatever the health check is saving it as. Then make the destination something like c:\healthcheck%DATEFILE%.htm. For a list of possible variables, right-click in the edit box and choose “Variables”.

Hi John!