Toad for Oracle - Automation Designer during Upgrade

I think I noticed this last upgrade but couldn't pin it down. Now I think I have. When I installed the new version of Toad (16.2) it brought over my automation scripts. That is good. What it didn't do, and maybe this is expected behaviour, is transfer over the job schedules and continued to run on the old version scheduler.
Obviously I can just reschedule on the new version and unschedule from the old which I have done. Fortunately I only have a couple.
Is this expected behaviour?

You can migrate them to the new version like this:

Main Menu -> Utilities -> Task Scheduler
Select the tasks that you want to migrate (The ones for other Toad versions will be painted in a maroonish red).
Click the "Migrate" button.

Gotcha. Great info as always! Thanks.

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