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Automation Script Question

I am trying to use TDP to create an automation script to run a few reports and export them for me. I have done most of it, and the queries export fine, however, I want to set a conditional with something to this effect:

First Report: Run, Export
2nd Report: Run, Export
3rd Report: Run, Export

If TAS is executed before 8am, then, delay and run 4th report at 8am. If it is after 8am, stop at 3rd report.

It appears you cannot use a time as a boolean, but I was trying to see if there was some way to do it.

Hi, you can schedule your automation script to launch it "on time".
wich Db ? oracle ?

In theory that works. I might have to tweak my process a bit , but that isn't necessarily a huge problem. I'll work to request admin access through my DBA, then go from there.

Thanks for helping (can't believe I didn't think about it before)