Pivot Grid Data Member keeps resetting to NULL

Every time that I try to edit/open/automate an existing report, whatever pivot grids that exist within the report return null data when executing. I have to go in to the report’s design view manually and relink the pivot grids to the correct DataMember. I can’t automate this report due to this issue. Is there a way to hard code the DataMember references elsewhere?

I did a test on this. I can create a Toad Data Report with Pivot Grid and use in automation and the pivot values are fine. However, I do see that if I go back to the Report Designer and open up the right click Pivot Grid tasks it does not show my DataMember. But I still get the correct results if I have built the pivot correctly the first time.

What version of TDP are you using? What type of aggregate function are you using on what type of column. I know the pivot grid doesn’t choose good default aggregates and if you choose a string column it will try to sum it and give 0 as the result. This is the most common issue that occurs that fits your description.

I have attached a sample report and automation script. It uses the Toad Sample Database Access connection. See if this works for you. If these ideas and files don’t work for you, please open a support ticket and we can look deeper into the issue.
PivotTest.zip (15.4 KB)