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Problem with Subversion integration



We are using Toad for Oracle with Team Coding version 6 and SlikSvn (1.6.12). Our SVN server is accessed through a WebDAV connection (SSL). It seems like SVN is not able to connect to the server. In the team coding options, everything is checked (green), except the last one (VCS Provider Connected). We have tried every combination of server configurations (address, port) and login informations (repository).

Is there something wrong with our settings (see the screenshots)? We’ve found other threads in this forum related to this problem, but none could help us to solve our problem.

Thank you for your help,





Hi Jeff,

If you can, add the following line to the [SETTINGS] section of your Toad.ini


This should create an SVNDebug.log file in your User Files folder. If you can
forward that to me offline, it may help me to better determine why you’re
not able to connect.




Hi John,

I added the command in the Toad.ini file, then I looked into the SVNDebug.log to find that the path to the repository was not correctly configured. Everything is working great now!

Thanks for your help,