Beta Released (

Open / Save Dialogs:

IdeaPond #850 - Added the ability to rename Favorites folders for better identification and management.

Team Coding:

Added Work Item interface for Team Foundation Server.

Team Coding Check in includes the ability to link one or more Team Foundation Server workitems to the check in changes.

To Set Up:

Go to Team Coding Configuration - Configure… - This will open Team Foundation Server Configuration Options Dialog. Select the Check in / Out Tab. If the option is available (see system requirements), check the ‘Associate Work items with Change Set’ check box.

The system requirements panel on this page shows the following requirements to enable this feature.

  • .Net Framework 4.0 installed (This is installed with Team Explorer or MS Visual Studio)
  • TFSWorkItemLink32/64 found in Toad Directory (installed by beta installer)
  • TFS Work item DLL registered ( This can be registered from this screen or Team Coding does this automatically if the option is checked and the other conditions are met)
    To Use:

Check a Team Coding Control object out. Make a change and check back in. The Team Coding comment dialog will display an additional tab for Work Items. You will be able to enter or select one or more work items from this tab. Click ok to check in the item. This changes will now be linked to the selected work items.