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Beta Notes

Team Coding/Source Control

DDL Options

You now have the ability to customize how DDL is extracted for Team Coding objects. These settings can be configured under the Team Settings node of the Team Coding Configuration window. By default, the settings will mimic what’s currently being extracted for Team Coding, with the following exception: NOT NULL constraints will have a different format than what’s currently being used due to changes in export methodology.

Insert Statements

In addition, you can select to optionally include insert statements for table data with your DDL script to save to your version control provider. Please note: this can result in very large scripts to be saved to the VCS, and can significantly affect performance of Team Coding. As a result, this option should be used with great caution.

VCS Folder / Extension Naming

Access to the Folders and Extensions naming dialog has been moved from the toolbar to the General page underneath the Team Settings node.

Getting Started Guide

A “Getting Started Guide” for Team Coding has been added to the docs folder within Toad’s installation. In addition, a shortcut button has been added to the Team Coding Configuration’s toolbar which will launch it using the built-in PDF viewer.