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Trace File Browser

Trace File Browser - added the ability to group statements by SQL ID.…/updates-to-trace-file-browser-in-toad-for-oracle-version-13-0

When I try to update via Toad -> Check for updates, it knows .7 exists but it keeps installing .6 (my current version that I just updated to this morning), even though I see the .MSP file is being recreated.

When I download directly from forum, I get .7

We are suffering from some caching issues as mentioned the other day. For now update manually using the site is your best bet.

The hosting location of our files have changed. The Toad World site has the new location coded directly into it, thus it works. Toad uses more generic URLs for accessing the files and the redirects there are pulling files from servers having stale information. The Toad World team is looking into it.


It was strange that the .6 update worked from Toad but not the .7. Thanks for the clarification and I’ll use the manual update until further notice.