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Internal Bug Fixes


TOAD had an issue where the grants to the role of tables/views/pkgs/etc. were not beig displayed in the role script. The beta version fixes that issue, but seems to introduce another. Our database roles are mostly set up as “CREATE ROLE X;” but the TOAD beta version is showing the script for all of these as 'CREATE ROLE X IDENTIFIED BY ;" Shouldn’t it be showing the code to create the role in it’s current state (ie without a password)?


2nd attempt to post as first question disappeared during “post”. TOAD had a bug where grants to tables/views/etc for a role were not being displayed in the role script. The beta version fixed that problem, but appears to have introduced another. A number of our Oracle 12.2 database roles are just created as “CREATE ROLE X;”, however TOAD beta is now showing these all as “CREATE ROLE X IDENTIFIED BY ;”. Shouldn’t TOAD be reproducing what is existing in the db for that role? “ie CREATE ROLE X;”? Why is it tacking on the ‘identified by password’ section? Whereas, the roles that are protected by a database package are being displayed properly… such as “CREATE ROLE X IDENTIFIED USING SECURITY_USER.SECURITY_PACKAGE;”


I believe this was affected by a recent change that allows you to identify a role by password. I’ve logged this. Thanks for letting us know.



Fixed for next beta.