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Beta Released (14.1.114)

Beta Release 14.1.114 is now available. This should get you through to GA


Change Log

There is an old version there...

Sorry. Try again please.

There is the problem with multiline fields in last beta. This affect especialy scheduler script make and job describe.

SQL text

select listagg('987543210;', chr(10)) within group (order by null)
from dual
connect by level <= 10


Go to Options -> Oracle -> General.
On the top right, change "Newline format for character data" to "No change"

I can reproduce this if it is set to "Fetch as Windows, post as Unix".

Yes, it's help. Thank you!

I am a licensed user but the beta version says at the top it is beta and will expire on 4/30/2021. Is this something to be concerned about? Also, when does it become your regular version (non-beta) and do you need to do anything for it to become regular, thanks.

Nothing to be concerned about.
Betas expire, official GA (General Availability) version does not.
14.1 GA is expected to be released on March 30th. That version will be almost identical to the
beta version that you are running now, and it won't expire. You'll have to download that from and install it. Then you can uninstall the 14.1 beta.

Shortly after that (maybe a week or two) the 14.2 beta cycle will start.


Thanks for the quick response!!

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This is fixed in the beta that just posted.
Get it here.