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Dark Mode Visual Issues

All, first let me say I am thrilled TOAD got a dark mode. I really prefer working in this way. As this is the first iteration, I am sure there are many items you have internally listed to polish before this is released. Here are a few observations I have made after using it for a few days. I landed on Charcoal Dark Slate as my dark mode of choice.

Items moved to John's Dark Mode Document, this item will not be updated further.

Let me finish by say again that I am thrilled to have a Dark Mode!!!!

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Thanks Michael, that's great feedback. You should see improvement each week.

If it is too early for this type feedback, just let me know and I will wait for the appropriate time.

The odd extra scrollbars can be mitigated by close/open the window. They seem to only appear when style is changed.

Also, I know that the trigger/seq column text is hard to read and will fix, but I'm thinking that bright blue is also a bit garish against a sea of black.

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Well, I am aware of plenty of dark mode things that still need work, but I had NOT noticed everything you mentioned above. Keeping it all in one post is helpful.

I appreciate the feedback.