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Big delay when clicking "close" with Toad

At my company we have recently bought a new license for Toad for Oracle 64 bit

It is installed under a Windows 2008 R2 64 bit with Terminal Services installed.

The server is idle the whole time and it has plenty of disc, memory and processor available so no bottleneck apparently from this side.

Our users, when they click File -> Exit or click the Closing button in the right upper corner, have to wait a long time (5-6 seconds, maybe more) before the application actually closes. In fact, some of them thought the application was frozen and forced its closing it via the Application Tasks.

Some of the users have admin rights and some not. It happens to all of them.

With one user, the first times he used Toad he suffered this delay when closing. But after some times, it doesn’t happen anymore.

I have checked the Events log to see if there’s any application error bumping somewhere, and found nothing.

To replicate this behavior, the users don’t need to do anything within Toad: they just start Toad, close it without having even connected to any database, and then … wait for 5 seconds or more until the app actually closes.

We have already rebooted the server and reinstalled the application.

In this same server we have another several Toad installations, for MySql and for Toad, but in different folders. All are working fine except this one.

Has anyone experienced this?

You can try disabling the “Product Improvement Program”. Help -> Product Improvement Program. Sometimes if you have firewall issues or internet issues, this could appear to hang while sending information.