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Start and close actions last more and more

Since several last Toad versions, starting app (before getting connection window) is taking more and more time.
Now realized that even closing Taod (the whole Toad with clicking on right top icon)(when several sessions are opened and not active, is also taking more and more time.
even when all sessions are closed (blank Toad window) it took at least 3-5 seconds to close that window and close Toad.
This is making problems when mine PC is automatically restarted by company admin tools, which do not wait that all process terminate successfully and I have unclear shutdowns and once even hanged windows itself.
Is there anything you can do to reduce this timings in close area at least?

Go to Options -> Online. Check "No, I would not like to participate at this time".
Let us know if that helps.


This was nasty.

I am 100% sure that this option was disabled before, but seems that Toad as Windows do update by resetting some configs....what I really do not like.

however, thx for support in this,

Does it solve your startup/shutdown speed? is faster.