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Closing TOAD very slow when not connected to VPN or Network

I’m sorry if this has been answered previously, but I’ve searched for an answer and run the TOAD advisor also and implemented those recommended settings already.

But when I close TOAD and have a lot of PL/SQL tabs and am attached to multiple instances, it is very slow to close if I am not connected to VPN or our network.

I close TOAD (using X in the upper right corner) and then wait a very long time as each tab asks if I want to save changes OR it tells me I am no longer connected to the instance(s). So if I’m connected to four instances and have seven or eight editor tabs on each one open, it is a long wait to completely close TOAD.

Is there anything I can set to speed this up? It appears TOAD is trying to connect to the database and I want it to just close without doing that. I can understand the behavior if it has a commit or rollback pending and wants to complete that, but most of my work is just queries pulling data. Not doing updates.

I am on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit OS in case that makes any difference. TOAD version is

Thank you,