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BUG: Opening the File menu on Windows 8 Developer Preview

Hello, I recently installed TOAD for SQL Server on a copy of Win8 DevPreview, and ran into a with opening the File menu (happens in a few more places too, actually. 3 others, by my count). I don’t have the stack trace here, but being helpful as I am, I did open toad in Reflector and found the problem:

In Quest.Toad.Gui.SendToMenu.GetSystemImages, ShellApi.ImageList_GetIcon sometimes returns an IntPtr.Zero, and so Icon.FromHandle(handle) fails (which is what the exception in the stack trace refers to). Adding a simple check like ( if(handle==IntPtr.Zero) continue; ) fixes the problem.

Question is: when can we expect an official fix for this? Win8 is not even a beta, so I can understand unwillingness to fix anything related to it, but hey, the fix is right here :slight_smile:

Hi aasoft,

I didn’t try Toad on win8 yet, but I’m taking your findings and going to apply the fix as per your suggestion to the code so starting the next beta it should work. Not sure I will check it on win8 before the beta =)