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Taskbar icons jump around when Toad save dialog is open

We are using V7.1.2.166 of Toad for SQL Server 64 bit on Windows 7 enterprise in French.

I have this strange bug where, if I select "Save file as..." to save a script, after the save dialog opens, a second Toad icon appears on Windows taskbar. And the problem is whenever I move my mouse, that second icon vanishes and reappears, causing the taskbar icons to all move around.

And the rate at which the second Toad icon does its thing is so fast (many times per second) that the save dialog slows to a crawl and is unusable. I have to resort to copy the script to Notepad, save it, then reload it in Toad.

The Open dialog is not affected by this.

Anyone has any idea what could be causing this? Version 6 did not have this problem.

Thanks for any help!

Curious as to what the Quest Support team said? You may only have a limited response here...e.g. only a small percentage of the users on the forum here have the same OS locale and config as the Windows workstation you're on...

Hi Éric,
I remember a similar case with Toad for SQL Server. I think it may have been solved already but we haven't released any new version since 7.1.2. RIght now we're working on releasing the next version 7.2 - should be out in June.

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