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Bug Report - Can not create a Source Control Folder in Team Foundation using TFO - Team Coding.

Quick specs: Using Toad for Oracle on a Windows 2008R2 server. When I try to create a TFS branch under an existing TFS repository I get the following error…

09:32:51 Output: Failed to create VCS project: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: workspaceName

Steps to recreate…

  1. Select VCS Login from the Team Coding from main menu option.

  2. After logging in to our TFS server I get the TFS Login dialog.

  3. From there I select New to create a new local TFS workspace.

  4. Enter a new for the workspace, enter a comment and click the Source Control Folder 3 dot thingy.

  5. From the Select Project dialog I click an existing Repository branch and click New…

  6. I enter the new Project new, in my case I used TST3 and click OK.

The screen will flicker a bit and then I get the Value cannot be null error.

Thoughts, this might be a TFS issue not a Toad / Team Coding I am still researching this on my side, I will update when I have more info.

John D.

Yep… I can reproduce this.

The reason you’re getting this error is because you haven’t created a workspace yet, and the TFS API calls require a workspace when creating a project. In all reality, the “New” button should be disabled if no workspace is yet defined.

The way around this is to create your workspace first, linking to an existing repository project, under which you wish to create the new project. After the workspace has been created, you can go in and create your new project. It should work without an error then.

Does that work for you?


I agree that this is a TFS issue, I will review your recommendation and reply as soon as I can. Thanks …

I just made a quick change to correct the steps in my post. The existing project you initially select should be the repository branch under which you wish to create your new project.

I’ve also made the change in Toad to not allow the “New” button when initially creating a Workspace. It won’t hit today’s beta, but it will be in the next one.

Thanks for catching this issue and letting us know about it!