[BUG] - Toad fails to start sometimes.

I’m having a problem starting Toad. Most of the time when trying to start toad there is a toad.exe process started but it seems to hang and never bring up a GUI. If I try to start it again, another toad.exe process will be created and it might bring up a GUI, and might now. If I continue to try to start it, I will eventually get a GUI to come up. The toad.exe processes from the failed attempts need to be manually killed with task manager.

This is a known bug with the beta and it’s been a tough one to diagnose exactly. We are still trying to track down how to fix. Until then, the only solution is to kill the toad.exe process like you’ve been doing.

Also, before closing Toad, go to Help > Toad World > Sign Out. I haven’t seen the problem happen when I log off the forums before closing Toad.

Thank you for reporting it and your patience. We’ll let you know when it’s fixed.