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Bug: Unable to close tabs

Hello. I've seen a similar issue reported on here but I would like to start a new thread including some additional information.
I use Toad for Oracle version and have a problem where tabs will not close and you have to force Toad to quit using Windows Task manager.

I'm hoping you can reproduce the problem so a fix can be written. My environment is outlined below:

I have two connections open - one to our production database, and one to our testing database. Both are connected using the same usernames (if this is relevant). Example connections / schemas are:

Schema: TOAD

Each night, our testing database is taken offline and overwritten with a copy of live. When I arrive to work in the morning, I am occasionally presented with this error:


If I see this, I know after I have hit the menu option Session / Test All Connections (Reconnect), my tabs will be broken from that point on. I can open new tabs fine, but simply not close them.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


While we await Dev's reply, it might be useful to know what version of Oracle this is being done on, and perhaps more importantly, can you provide the process details of how the TEST database is "taken down" and "over-written" with LIVE's copy?

Hi Gary,

Full Oracle version is
Oracle Database 18c Enterprise Edition Release - Production

I will chat to the DBAs later today and find out exactly what happens each night when they copy over live to test.

Hello all,

this happens regardless of database version. There were some threads here before, as wechel stated, but it is not easy reproducible (tried to come up with a solid test case myself). It seems to happen just sometimes, but seems to involve lost connections every time. I have this issue sometimes when my firewall invalidates my TCP connection if I am idle too long. Could also be related to switching Editors between connections, but that can be coincidental, since I just do that a lot :wink:

@Quest: Would it be helpful to create a "Support Bundle" next time this happens to me? Toad does not produce any error related to the tabs not closing, therefore I am not sure, if this would make sense.

I have sent you a direct message, @sirskunkalot. Please send your support bundle with connections made to the databases experiencing the issue.

I have done some tests using 32 and 64-bit Toad with threaded queries option enabled and disabled. I am able to produce the same ORA-01089 you're seeing, but after Test Connections I'm able to close the tabs without issue.

There are a few scenarios that block tab closure. Fetching all records in the data grid, active query execution, active debugging, and team coding can all block connections. I tested the above except for Team Coding. Do you use Team Coding on the databases that are shutting down overnight?

Hi @mstaszew. Thanks for the reply. I do have Team Coding enabled but on the live database and not in test. if relevant, we have had issues in the past with Team Coding where it sometimes gets confused between environments due to us perhaps using the same schema credentials between live and test?

I have the issue occurring as we speak and am more than happy to send over a Support Bundle if that helps in anyway at all.

Thanks. Check your private messages, I've sent my email for the support bundle.

I don't use Team Coding, so I maybe would rule that out as a possible reason.