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Bug: Not possible to close connections

I have now noticed twice that if I have multiple connections open (7) and my VPN goes up and down several times during the day I cannot close any sessions, not one by one or by using End all connections.

It has ended with me having to kill Toad through Task Manager.
I realize this is not easy to repeat, but it has now happened twice using the latest stable version.
Do you have any option I can turn on to save debug/state info next time this happens.

I am running Toad 64 bits with Oracle 19.9 drivers.

What happens when you try to close connections?

Does Toad go into the "Not responding" state? If so, this may be because we have issued a command to Oracle and are waiting for its reply (which isn't coming if connection is lost). Normally this will time out after several seconds and then everything moves on. But if windows gives you the "not responding" dialog and one of the options is something like "try to fix" (I can't remember the exact wording on this one), then click it - it actually works. That option just kicks Toad out of its state where it is waiting for something on the network and everything resumes normally after that.

I click on the command End connection / End all connections and then it returns to whatever I was doing, no hang or anything so no "Not responding dialog" or anything.

I have not killed Toad this time, so I could invite you to a quick Teams meeting so you can have a look if that works for you

Sure. I'll send you a private message here with my contact info.