Close Tab doesn't work

I am having a problem where I go to close a Tab on the desktop and not only does it refuse to close but it also freezes the contents of any other tabs I have open so that I can't change the tab I was attempting to close. I just upgraded to Version 15 and I am still having this issue.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

HI Charles,

I have not heard of this problem before.

Also, we have tabs all over the place in Toad so I am not sure exactly what you are trying to close.

Can you provide a screen shot of what you are trying to close?

Thanks and welcome to the forum.


Thank you so much for getting back to me. The problem only happens on the “Editor” (see below ). If I am clicking between tabs, sometimes the tab display will freeze so even if I switch back and forth between tabs, the display is frozen on whatever tab got “stuck”. Additionally, it is impossible to close any of these tabs either by using the “Close Tab” button or by clicking the “X” on the individual tab. I am also unable to close Toad normally and have to go to the Windows “Task Manager” and actually kill it there. I thought maybe it was an issue with version 14.x but I switched to the newest version and had the same issue. It happens somewhat randomly but when it does, I lose all my work in the tabs that are stuck.



is anything going on in the tabs besides writing SQL?

Were you debugging at all? Any errors of any kind before the lock up?