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Can I easily move over the schemas/passwords from 10.5 to 12.0?

I’m installing Toad for Oracle 12.0 for our Department, about 90 users. We currently have 10.5.

After the install I wanted the Named & Saved SQL available to me in my new Toad 12.0. I figured out you need to copy the Saved.Sql file to the new location while Toad is closed. Open up Toad and they are all there.

My question though is how do I make 12.0 so it contains all the schema ids in their databases that I had on 10.5? Some people here also save their passwords, so how would I bring that over to 12.0 too? is there a file somewhere on 10.5 that I copy/move over to the 12.0 directories like I did for SavedSQL.dat?? Some people have a lot of schemas and we have up to 9 different db’s they can connect to.