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Can TDP have the ability to use "virtual instances"?

A customer has TDP in a server, many users come and go, most of them offshore.

The customer is happy with the fact that TDP always checks the location "C:\ProgramData\Quest Software\" and all users are able to use the license without asking for it, meaning, they just get access to the server and TDP works. I must mention that the customer does not grant access to the server, most of the times the customer doesn't even know when someone new comes to use TDP, and he wants to keep it that way.

But, about connecting to a database, it is impossible to share "Connections.xml", so, new users have to ask for it in order to connect.

Toad For Oracle has this solution:

In there one may see COPYFROM="path".

Can Toad Data Point please have the ability to use "virtual Toad instances" too? this way all user would have the same user files every time they start TDP, and, If the administrator changes something in the SOURCE user files, all users will see the changes next time they start TDP, new users included.