Toad client with two connections


is there an option to have Oracle and MySQL instance of database in same TOAD client?



Sorry, Toad for Oracle only connects to Oracle. You could maybe make a database link from Oracle to MySQL if you just want to run some queries against your MySQL instance from Toad.

We have another product called Toad Data Point that can connect to several kinds of databases.

It has a free trial if you want to check it out.

Can i use same licence on Toad for Oracle and Toad for MySql?

I have never tried that but I doubt it.

Just to confirm, Damir, a separate license would be needed for the other product/s.

However, If accessing/querying data is your main emphasis
----and you don't need to do DBA/dev stuff like debugging, SQL tuning, etc.)---
then Toad Data Point would be your best bet... one license of TDP would get you access to your Oracle and MySQL, and about 40 other data sources. Check it out, if you haven't already.

Tnx,but i have one problem. When i download "trial" version, from link i was redirected to:

After instalation, its not trial version?



Yes, it is a trial version... you get 30 days to run the product through its paces to make sure it meets your needs. Contact Quest Sales, who can schedule an engineer to walk you through the product capabilities and answer any questions you have.

But i cant use it, i installed yesterday and its asking license key allready.

Very strange... did you let any time lapse from the time of download to time of install? If over 30 days, then trial would have expired. One option is to download the trial of Toad Data Point again to see if this helps.

Regardless, I will send a separate e-mail so you can send me your phone and organization and location, I can get one of our account managers to give you a call to set you up with a trial license, etc.