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Can Toad refresh the "Reopen File" list?

When saving files in a network drive, and, to access those network drives one must stablish a connection first.

Sometimes, one just forgets to stablish the connection before starting Toad, so, when opening the "Reopen File" list(See attached "list_full_when_connected_and_empty_if_not_2.PNG"), it's empty, it seems that Toad does not list files when they're inaccessible. This is OK, there's no point of listing them if one won't be able to open them.

So, when this happens, one go and stablishes the connection to the network drives, and go back to Toad hoping that the list will be full now, but it's not, and one have to close and restart Toad again, in order to see the list.

Toad should have a button/option to refresh the list, something to make Toad check for available files again, considering that restarting Toad can be really annoying.​