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Recently Opened File Lists are Inconsistent


This isn’t of massive importance, it’s just something I noticed that I thought I’d make you aware of…

If I go to File --> Reopen file, I get the list of recently opened files as you would expect but if I use the dropdown list next to the Open File icon, the list is different. The first few are the same but then the differences start.

In the attached screenshots you can see that both lists are the same down to entry number 7 but then the entries 8 through 12 in the 1st list don’t even appear in the 2nd one! Entries 20 to 23 in the 1st one have moved up to 14 to 17 in the 2nd while entry 13 in the 1st has moved down to 19 in the 2nd!

It’s not the 1st time I’ve noticed this but another member of our team mentioned it to me today so I thought I’d raise it with you to have a look at.





I know I said this wasn’t of massive importance but it would be nice if someone acknowledged that they’d read it!


I’ll log this to investigate in a bit. The two lists are managed somewhat differently with respect to validation of file existence, dumping list contents to Toad,ini, etc. At one point the main Reopen contained files for windows other than the Editor. It looks like only the Editor is using, now. If that’s the case they can source from the same list. I think just cleaning up the inconsistency there may resolve this one.



Thanks Michael.


This should be resolved in next beta. It will also open an Editor and load the selected file if an Editor was not already opened. That has been long overdue. If an Editor already exists for the active session then it is used to load the file.




I see that this has been fixed - thank you - but has something else happened that isn’t quite right? When I 1st opened, my Recently Used File lists were both empty; I figured this was a side-effect of the fix and I would just have to live with it. Today I started using and my Recently Used File lists were both empty once again. Is it something you’ve done or something I’ve done (or not done)? I’d rather the lists didn’t reset every time I start a new Beta version.




Quite possible and highly likely something I’ve done. Lemme play with it and look for pitfalls.



Mark, I’m coming up short. I thought maybe the files could have been on an offline network share and auto-removed, but Toad still shows all files and won’t remove a non-existent file until you go to reopen it. That would be very obvious with a message box and it would only remove the one file in question.

Did it happen again with .65 beta? If you’ve not yet grabbed .65 please zip your User Files folder first in case we need them and then install the beta update. Default location is… %APPDATA%\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\13.0 beta\User Files. If you see it after .65 too check your Toad.ini for the [EditorMRU_Files] section. Is it present? Does it contain any entries?




Hi Michael,

I’ve just installed and my file list is still intact this time. Not sure what was going on previously - guess it was just a blip! I’ll keep an eye on it for future updates but it looks like it’s ok at the moment.

Thanks for your help,



Michael, it’s gone again!

I haven’t upgraded. I haven’t even restarted Toad since yesterday and the file list has vanished. I made a copy of my User Files before I upgraded to and the relevant entry looked like this:

0=\\leyley\data\Systems\GENERAL\S44 Apps 11i\Context Setting\LFND0115.sql
4=\leyd011ib\mgardne\pvcs\work\LAM ( Leyland Assembly Management )\Sql\LAM00388.pkg
5=\leyd011ib\mgardne\pvcs\work\LAM ( Leyland Assembly Management )\Sql\LAM00375.pkg
6=\leyd011ib\mgardne\pvcs\work\LMH ( Material Handling )\Sql\LMH00238.pkg

It continued to look like that after upgrading but today I went to get a recent file and there is only one entry in it and that is a file that executes on new connections. The entry in the Toad.ini file now looks like this:

0=\\leyley\data\Systems\GENERAL\S44 Apps 11i\Context Setting\LFND0115.sql

I will open several files now and check the state of the ini file then check again tomorrow.



Mark, I can reproduce this one now and I’ll fix it.




Fixed for Toad 13 and the fix will be in the next beta if we produce one.



Great. Thanks Michael.