Network drives not visible when opening or saving files

If I do File --> Open or File --> Save, the dialog box is only showing local folders and drives but isn’t seeing my mapped network drives like it used to.

Toad 11:


I can still open files from the recently used list that are stored in those network drives as the drives are accessible within the “Network” section but we have 1000s of networked drives and I don’t even know (without going and asking someone who deals with all that) what they’re called as aliases are used when mapping.

Is this a bug or am I missing a setting somewhere?


Looks like my screenshots didn't upload with the post (plus I mistakenly called it Toad 11 originally rather than Toad 12.11)

Toad 12.11

Toad 12.12


Did you ever find the solution? I am having the same issue today after upgrading to v13.1

No - not sure why but they just started appearing again!

I had the same issue, but just once right after updating to the latest beta.

I had the same problem today after installing Toad Data Point 5.3. I just logged off and back on again and the networks showed up. Classic.