Cannot activate temporary license key

I just placed an order and got a temporary key.

When I try to activate the key in my Trial Version 3.37 I get asked for a ‘Site Message’ belonging to the ‘Registration Key’, but I didn’t get one.

What Site Message do I have to enter?

Hi Andreas,

If you have a trial version, please enter this to the Site Message box:
Trial Version

Please let me know if it works for you.



Yes ‘Trial Version’ works, thanx.
But the only difference is, that the key lasts for 109 days now, but the 25 Entities limitation is still active!
The order confirmation speaks about a tempory key that last for 30 days, but tells nothing about any other limits!
I still cannot save my model…

I hope the sales team does not really need 5-7 days for processing…


Hello again,

If it still doesn’t help, please contact the person from the sales team who sent you the temporary key. (or

Thanks very much.



Hello Andreas,

Thanks for your reply.

Please try to contact the Sales team, particular person you were in touch with, or email at:

I’ll also do some investigation. As soon as I know more, I’ll write you again.




I requested another key from Still waiting for an answer…
I have no direct contact, because the temporary license was part of the automatic order confirmation after ordering in the online store.



I’ve just sent an urgent request to the Sales team to solve the problem for you.
I believe they will reply ASAP.

Thanks for your patience.



Thanx a lot for your efforts, Vladka.

Kind regards,

Just to close this case…

Andreas got his permanent license key for TDM from the sales team and can work on his model in TDM full version.
Everything’s ok now.

If anybody of you gets an order confirmation with a temporary key and no site message or if any trouble occurs, please do not hesitate to write us. Thanks!

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