Cannot Connect to TDP Local Storage


I am unable to connect to local storage. The error says to check the server, username, password and port. Also to ensure the user is registered and not disabled.
The secondary error message is
Unable to connect to any of the specified Local Storage hosts.

I am on Toad DP (64 bit) with Advanced analytics.

Hi Asif,
can you try upgrading to the latest build of TDP?

Hi Dan

Thats not so easy here. I dont have admin rights.

Last thing I did yesterday was run an update query on LS which ran for a very long time. Then eventually the background process changed to 'done' but carried on running. After waiting some more I had to shut down my machine in order to go home. Could something be locked?


I believe I have fixed it by removing Gaurdian.LOCk file.
I am now connected and able to access the data. It looks like the update query did not complete yesterday. Local storage seems to be very slow. Been re-running the update query for almost an hour. Is there any way of getting stats on what its doing and how long it has to go.?