Task Scheduler Configure for: Windows 7 Bug

Since upgrading to TDP 3.5 any scheduled tasks that were configured for Windows 7 in the task scheduler no longer launch TDP.Configure For.jpeg

The task has been changed to be configured for Windows 7 because it allows you to create custom events that trigger a task. The task launches as it should however TDP does not run and the task gets marked complete in Task Scheduler. The same task if it stays configured for Windows XP will run TDP without issue however I cannot use custom triggers then.

Is this a known bug or are TDP scheduled tasks required to be configured for Windows XP going forward?

Did you check the “Actions” tab to make sure it is calling TDP from the correct directory? You may have update the program path since you upgraded.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\Toad Data Point 3.5\toad.exe

I have checked the actions tab, it is calling TDP from the new directory. I have even created the schedule through TDP and changed the task in Task Scheduler to be configured for Windows 7 and added the custom trigger to ensure that is was pointing to the right directory.

I am just a user but I have in the past used a batch file I am not sure if it will help you but:

Paste the following into notepad and save as a .bat

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\Toad Data Point 3.5\toad.exe” -batch=true %1

Create a new task “Create task” > in the Actions tab you call the batch file then you paste the TAS path into the arguments box.

Using a batch seems to work flawlessly with TDP 3.5 and custom event triggers.

Thanks for you help Dave.

You’re welcome, I am glad I could help. You can use that file for all your scheduled tasks so the next time you upgrade you will only have to edit the batch file path to 3.6 etc. A lot easier than editing all the task manually.

Hi Dave, Justin -

Does this solution work for un-attended scheduled tasks? We’re still running TDP on Windows XP because on Windows 7, the user account that the scheduled task is setup under must remain logged into the machine, whereas on Windows XP it did not.

I’m curious if calling the batch file and passing the path to the .tas file has resolved this issue.

Hi N.B.,

This solution does not seem to allow a script to be run when the user is not logged on. It works fine while the computer is locked.

I just tested a task being triggered while not logged on. The task is record as being started within Task Scheduler however does not complete or launch TDP.

Darn! I was hoping that would work. We’ve been unable to migrate our automated tasks to our Windows 7 machines because of that.

On Windows 2008 R2, I have been able run my automated tasks whether logged in or not. I have it set to run whether the user is logged in or not and not set to Run with highest privileges although I am a Domain admin.


I just re-ran the test I tried yesterday with an admin account and it does execute correctly when the user is not logged in. So scheduled tasks need admin privileges to execute when the user is not logged in.