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Can't connect to LINKed Oracle DB


The Link works from the unix platform
SQL> select count(*) from adhoc.actuals@bccc;



but in Toad connected to the same oracle account
the DB link does not connect
see below Error

Lookup Error
ORA-02041: client database did not begin a transaction


I checked with our domain expert. I assume you are using Oracle OCI or Direct connect as opposed to ODBC? If that is the case you can define a script to run after every new connection. He suggests your include --> “set transaction read only”, See if this handles the situation. See screenshot on where to set up this script in the options.



I clarified this our domain expert. He said,

“The statement isset transaction read only ; But it applies only to the current transaction, would have to be issued again after each commit or rollback (or any other statement that performs an implicit commit, like a create table)”

So using the startup script will not help. You would need to manually execute this after your commits.