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TDP 4.1 64 Bit Not Compatible with 32 Bit MS Access

TDP Team,

Just wondering if you’ve seen any discussions or questions regarding TDP 4.1 which is 64 bit not being able to connect to a 32 bit MS Access database.

I get the message “You will need to install 64-bit version of MS Access Database Engine to connect” when trying to connect to any access db’s from TDP 4.1 64 bit.

Of course, I get how they are having issues communicating because it needs access odbc drivers on the 64 bit odbc side.

The issue I have is that I’m going to have a difficult time getting my company to switch me over to a 64 bit version of access.

Therefore, I cannot update any of my processes that use Access databases for storage of tables for reuse later through links to the access db.

I was just checking to see if any of you all have any other ideas that I could try to either continue to try to get 4.1 to work with the 32 bit access somehow, or if there’s any other approaches I could take? I will say, I could send the files to .csv or excel format and then link to them, but Access gives you the ability to create one link and have endless amounts of tables to reference with only creating that one link to the database, versus individual links to csv or excel files.

Just wanted to get some type of expert feedback that can help me get around this issue.

Thanks a bunch as always!

If I remember correctly, when I had this issue before, I didn’t need to have 64-bit Access installed, but rather the Access Database Engine - which is a separate downloadable component from Microsoft: - you’ll need to find the one for your version of Access.

The installer in the link you get from TDP installs a bridge between the bitness of TDP and Access. You do not have to change Access. Just run the installer in the link that matches the bitness of TDP. (Which in your case is 64-bit)

Hey Debbie, thank you for your response. I apologize though, I’m not certain as to what I would look for regarding the installer in the link? I know I installed the 64 bit TDP 4.1 from the downloaded .msi file and I didn’t see any extra installation components. Is there a special link I need to go and look for, or maybe you are saying the connections need to be recreated?

Just any additional information would be extremely appreciated.


Debbie, I did see from the help file that it does say that the bitness has to match. Maybe you are saying that I should have installed the 32 bit version of 4.1?

I was hoping to possibly stay on the 64 bit version just to increase efficiency since its a 64 bit machine.



No, i am not saying that. The bitness of TDP and the Microsoft installer is what needs to match, not the version of Excel. So if you have TDP 64-bit you need to install the 64-bit version of Microsoft Access 2010 installer. note: This installer does not install Access it just installs the ODBC drivers that Microsoft forgot to install when they bundled the later versions of office.

See this KB article.…/215239


Thank you for the response and the article.

I still, unfortunately cannot get the 64 bit access database engine to install while having the 32 bit access. Even removing all the remnants of existing access database engines, etc doesn’t seem to do the trick. It gets the same message. I think I’ll have to just work with my IT folks to see how I can somehow get the full 64 bit MS Access application, just so everything really does sync and is compatible. I’ll hope for the best :slight_smile:

Thanks as always for the help.

Perhaps I could help you better if you open a support ticket? We tested this area pretty thoroughly and feel we worked out the issues. We could have them set up a webex

Hey Debbie,

I submitted the service request 3867715 with Quest. I agree, maybe someone can do a web-ex to see where I might be going wrong.

I know before submitting, it had plenty of articles regarding this, but I still cannot get Access to even get the updated 64 bit engine installed while it has the 32 bit access application, so hopefully if I can get around that somehow, toad should have no problem connection.

I’ll let you know how the service request goes.

Thanks so much!

Can you tell the support person to set up webex and invite me from the very beginning? They usually do the first webex on their own but it will cut time if I attend.

I recently saw another support case similar to yours. We solved the problem by installing the Microsoft Access 2016 redistributable.

Can you install this version and see if it resolves? Install the same bitness of the TDP, which would be 64-bit.

Hey Debbie,

Just so I’m clear though. I worked with the support team and I think they were confused on the fact that I have a 32 bit access and, at least at this point, are telling me that I have to have the matching Access 64 bit version installed to work with TDP 4.1 64 bit version. If I didn’t do that, they said to install the 32 bit 4.1 version that will match up to my 32 bit access. I was hoping to not have to do that though, since the machine is 64 bit and I was hoping it would run the most efficiently using a 64 bit version of TDP.

I’ve actually already spoken to my IT folks and even though its something they may be able to install, they’ve seen articles recommending people to stay off of the 64 bit access due to a lot of bugs in it. Regardless, just to be clear, you are saying I should be able to connect a 64 bit TDP 4.1 to a 32 bit Access correct? Just making sure there’s not confusion thinking I have a 64 bit version of access.

Thanks Debbie!

Unfortunately, support is misinformed. I asked them to set up webex with you but the person assigned to your ticket is out today.

So, let me give you some confidence. Yes, you can use TDP 64-bit with 32-bit Office. All of us use this combination here. I started out using Office 64-bit, but I concur it is too buggy so I went back to 32-bit Office.

The problem of why we can’t connect to Excel or Access with newer versions of Office is really simple. Microsoft stopped (or forgot) to install the Office ODBC drivers. You could confirm this on your pc by gong to the 64-bit ODBC Manager and looking at the Driver list. Do you see this driver? (Make sure you look at the 64-bit Odbc Manager as there is a 32-bit version and they read different parts of the registry.


The Microsoft Access 2010 and 2016 Runtime redistributable happen to install the necessary drivers. That is why it is important to use the installer that matches the bitness of TDP. This way the installer will install the ODBC driver of the same bitness. Microsoft handles the rest. They support using 64-bit ODBC driver with 32-bit Excel or Access file.

If we would like to wait for a webex on Monday we can do this. Just let me know.

Hey Debbie,

Thanks as always for your clarification.

I did look at my 64 bit ODBC connections and like you said, Access is nowhere to be found.

The problem I have personally is the runtime redistributable is asking me to remove my 32 bit version of Microsoft office even to install that 64 bit redistributable. I’m attaching a screenshot below. Is there a chance that I do have to completely uninstall Microsoft Office 2010 32 bit from the server, then install this redistributable, then reinstall it? Do you think that’s the solution that I’m missing?

If not, I’m just not having any luck finding a solution that will install this redistributable on top of the 32 bit office already being there.

If getting together is needed, I’m absolutely great with a Web Ex.

Thanks again!


I suspect that there are remnants of Office 32-bit installed. Go to Add/Remove Apps and search for anything that has Office or 2010 and see if you see anything listed. The message box above says that it still thinks 32-bit office 2010 is installed as well as 32-bit Access runtime 2016 (note that is not Access itself just runtime files)

i can ask support to set up webex. let me check my callender

But it says I need to remove Office Professional Plus 2010. I think that’s the actual office suite, so if I uninstall that, I’d remove all of my 32 bit MS office. Unless you are saying I need to do this first, then reinstall after I put the 2016 redistributable on there?


lets go over this in a webex

Once you clarify the procedure through your webex, please let us know how to do it. I have the same problem and having to uninstall and reinstall the entire Microsoft Office 2010 32 bits just to install a few 64 bit ODBC drivers sounds unreasonable (but then again, when you are Microsoft, do you have to be reasonable?)

Do you have time to open up a support ticket? Ask the support rep to open up subcase and schedule webex. Not all pcs are a like:)

I was able to get Toad Data Point 4.1 64 bit to work with MS Access 2010 32 bit thanks to the steps described on the AutoDesk website. Hoping this helps others with the same problem.

See here:…/How-to-install-64-bit-Microsoft-Database-Drivers-alongside-32-bit-Microsoft-Office.html