Can't select Insalled Client (connection using) drop box

My TOAD version is

I have problem when selecting Oracle Home drop box. List box is disappear

I can't find the solution, could you please help


And Edit button also is DISABLE


Do you have an Oracle client installed on your computer?
If not, you need one. It must have the same bitness (32/64) as Toad.
It also needs to be in the system path.

HI Jdorlon,

I have 3 oracle_clients already

System path already set ORACLE_HOME

I can’t tell from your screen shot - have you already made one connection in Toad?

All connections must use the same oracle client, so when a connection is made, the box goes disabled.

I am not sure why the dropdown is so short though - it should show the already selected oracle client, just disabled after a connection is made.

To switch to a different oracle client, close Toad and use the dropdown to select an oracle client before you make a connection.

HI @JohnDorlon,

Connected or without connect that dropbox also very shot and can't select from that dropbox

I think it has to do with your screen settings but I can’t reproduce it. Try changing your font size/screen magnification to 100% if it is on something else.

Also, if you close all connections in Toad, then you can use the “Edit Login Record” window to change the Oracle client there. The dropdown is disabled when you have at least one connection open.