Problem with toad connections (ServiceName vs SID)


Toad for Oracle latest version:

I have 2 problems with direct connections. Bear in mind these problems have been present quite long time (several years at least), so it is not a new problem, to me at least, I just didn't have time to report it before.

Just to clarify, I have the following host, listener up and running

  • Hostname=oracledb1
  • Port=1521
  • ServiceName=orcl
  • SID=orcl1

Problem 1:
I add new connection to toad using service name. I test the connection, success, then I close toad, and after that Connections.xml file has been modified, and the following record is present there:

<ConnectionType ServiceName="True">Direct</ConnectionType>

Note that ServiceName="True".

After starting toad again, I can successfully:

  • Connect to it
  • Test the connection from the "Test Connections" button
  • Test the connection from "Edit Login Record" pop-up and connect from there

Now, let's say I want to change the described login record to use SID instead of the ServiceName.
I click "Edit Login Record" and change 2 things:

  • Change radio button from "Service Name" to "SID"
  • Change ServiceName to SID, so "orcl -> orcl1"

Next, I will click "Test", it says passed, next I will click "OK" button. But from connections view I still can see that the login record is not changed. It still uses ServiceName (radio button is unchanged and still it says "orcl").
Now if I edit this login record again, I can see from there also, that indeed all my changes are lost.
Bear in mind that, if I edit this record, and check this box "Connect" and click "OK", then it will connect fine, but after connecting to it, I can see from present connections, that it still shows me like I am using ServiceName.

And If I for example close toad, and check Connections.xml file, it is modified again, and the file still has the same parameters for this connection:

<ConnectionType ServiceName="True">Direct</ConnectionType>

To sum up: So basically, login record cannot be changed from ServiceName to SID. All changes are lost. It seems like radio button always defaults back to "ServiceName".

NOTE: But If I do this other way, so that I have created connection using SID. And then edit this connection from SID to ServiceName, then it will create entirely new connection record from this. So after this, I have 2 connections present, one for SID, and other one for ServiceName. And I can connect to both of these.
(well, I can't test SID connection, but it connects just fine, I will describe this issue in Problem 2)

Perhaps editing ServiceName to use SID, has to function same way, that there should be entirely new connection created..? I do not know that.

Problem 2.

If I create new connection using SID, close toad, after that I can see this connection record from Connections.xml file:

<ConnectionType ServiceName="False">Direct</ConnectionType>

Note that ServiceName="False", and I have presented "orcl1" there.

Now I open toad again, this connection is present there, radio button is on SID, and name is "orcl1". All good so far.
Now, from all the connections I can connect to it just fine.
But if I select the connection and:

  • click "Test Connections" button
  • or click "Edit Login Record" and click "Test" from there

From both of these, I get:

ORA-12514: TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor

But I can connect to it just fine.

To sum up: So to make long story short, all the connections created using SID, cannot be tested at all. Although it connects to these connections just fine.

Note that, if I click "Edit Login Record", the radio button has been defaulted back to "Service Name". I have tried, even if I change it back to SID, I still get ORA-12514.

At that time, if I haven't clicked OK from "Edit Login Record" pop-up, then Connections.xml still shows:

<ConnectionType ServiceName="False">Direct</ConnectionType>

But if I edit login record, and I do not change anything, but just click OK (note that, radio button defaults always to "Service Name"), then after closing toad, the following boolean has been changed to true:
<ConnectionType ServiceName="True">Direct</ConnectionType>

This means, that this connection is entirely broken (since orcl1 is SID), because in Connections.xml it has these settings:

<ConnectionType ServiceName="True">Direct</ConnectionType>

Well it got quite long topic, but I hope that it will help narrowing down these issues.
Feel free to ask any questions, if something is not clear.


Thanks for the details, Raul, I'll have a look at it. I think you are right, it sounds like "Edit Login Record" is getting it wrong with sid/service name.

As a workaround, you just select the record in the grid, then instead of going into "edit login record", just change it on the right, then connect. That'll make a new login record. Then you can delete the one you don't want after that (assuming that it's not connected)

Ok thanks.

Were you able to reproduce all the issues that I reported..?

Let me know, if anything needs clarification.


Yes, it will be fixed soon in beta.

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