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Saved connections rever to TNS instead of Direct

Hi All,

Ive been a user of Toad for Oracle for a few years now and have become to go to person for any initial problems other users are facing and ive got a new one which ive never dealt with before.

We have a Test and Prod system and I set users up with access to both of these, the connections are saved within Toad (We use Direct connection method - Entering Host/Port/Servive name) and normally on starting a new connection we can just click one of these and connect to it.

A new user has been set up the same way and the first time he uses one of these connections it works fine however when he closes the working connection and trys to open it again (Either using new connection or shutting Toad down and restarting) the connection has changed to a connection method = TNS and the value in it is just the server/port/service which returns an error as we dont have that as a TNS entry.

Any Ideas why this is being save/defaulted to Connection method TNS? We have tried editing the record to Direct but to no avail.
Many Thanks,

Hi Khris,

I haven't heard of this problem before. If you have any steps to reproduce it, please let me know.

Some info:

In your Connections.XML file, if we see this, then it's TNS
if we see this, then it's Direct

You could probably just edit that file to fix. Make sure Toad is NOT running when you edit. For direct conection, you should also have values in Host, Sid, Port, and optionally Protocol and InstanceName . For TNS, you should have values in the Server field (but you could also have a value there like Host:port/Service for Direct).


Thanks for coming back to me John, i have edited my original post as i wrote part of it from memory and should have rechecked it. When we use Direct we are as you have said using Host/Port/Service name. We have instance Name blank and Protocol = TCP.

Steps for us to recreate the issue would be Clicking Session, New Connection and entering our Username/pw, host/port/service, clicking connect then after its connecting shutting down TOAD and reopening, the entry present on the left pane for connections shows the one we just created as Connection Method 'TNS' and so isnt working for us.

Im pulling the users connections.xml file and will try a direct modification to see if that helps and report back,


Hi John,

Have reviewed the .xml file and found it did have Client in it. Have amended the file directly to match my xml for the key fields and deployed to users machine and all seems to be working correctly now, Thanks for your help!

No idea why it wasnt behaving before, fortunately we dont add/remove connections often.