Clicking TNSNames editor always opens a blank page

When opening a tnsnames.ora file. The editor is empty. I i click on the big tnsnames editor on the session page or Open file in the tnsnames editor, file is also empty.

FYI, if i change the file in my 3rd party text editor, the toad tnsnames editor recognize the file change.

Hi marc_109,

It sounds like your GUI settings somehow got messed up in Toad. I would exit Toad, then go to your “%APPDATA%\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\13.1 beta\User Files” folder and rename your “GUISettings” folder to “GUISettings.bak” (or something similar). Then, start Toad again.

You may need to reset a few settings (like your database groupings on your login page), but it should reset the TNS Names window that’s causing the problem you’re seeing.


that fix it. thanks.