Code assist help

I was hoping someone could help me with a little code assist annoyance I’m

I have Toad installed.

I login as user scott.

Then type:

Select *

From a.

into my editor where “a” is a schema. As expected I am prompted with
the list of database objects that I would expect based on the configuration
settings under View >> Toad Options >> Code Assist.

However If I type:

Select *

From b.

I am prompted, but the schema name only, “b”, is shown with no

This seems like a role/grant issue except that the roles and grants seem the
same for both schemas except that they refer to different objects.

I can see all the tables in both from the Schema Browser. I can query ALL_TABLES
and see the tables from both schemas.

Has anyone else seen this? I still think it’s at bottom a grant issue, but
would love to know what db objects are in play. I have verified that code assist
for multiple schemas works when connected to a completely different set of
schemas in another instance.



This is a very long shot, but is it possible that the schema name ‘b’ is also the name of some other DB object ?