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Code Assist not working :(


Why the code assistant does not work anymore? :frowning:

The setting should be (I copied from Toad 11 version)…

I have even set the default schema …

is still the combination ctrl+ . or ctrl+T valid?


Please provide sample query that does not work. If Code Insight for that SQL does not work in a tab containing multiple statements, but does work in a new tab containing only that one statement let me know as well. Since Toad 11 there have been some changes to how Code Insight processes statements and problems usually boil down to one of two root causes. Knowing exactly what is not working for you will allow me to expand on this and offer some suggestions. Also, which version of Toad are you on?


I’m using toad

the problem is not the query itself …

Even the table assistant does not show the list of the table/objects that match the partial typed name …

Pressing Ctrl+. I’m expecting the see the all table like ‘ep_pdm’


but nothing …


I’m not sure. I tried with a similar statement here and it’s showing tables using Ctrl+. and Ctrl+T, the alternate shortcut. You can Spool SQL to screen to capture the queries Toad is running when you press Ctrl+. and see if you can identify why the selects we are running are not grabbing your table.

I can’t see all of your Code Insight options above, but I see you have Table and View included. If ep_pdm is a synonym for a table then make sure you have synonyms included as well.


No log is shown in the “spool to screen”

even running this

select * from esc_project_budgets a where a.

after have pressed “.” at the end … no drop down/code assistant is shown.

The shortcut keys (ctrl+./T) are configurable?


CTRL+T is configurable in Options on the Toolbars/Menus|Shortcuts page. Ctrl+. is not configurable. I’ve sent you a private message with my email address. Please send me your User Files folder so that I can run Toad with your same settings, thanks.