Code Insight Shortcut?

I have done a few searches in the application, and on here and haven't seen anything yet. I always connect over vpn to a database with a lot of tables and objects. So code insight always takes a few seconds, and sometimes a lot longer depending on how the stars have aligned, to return a list of objects. That timing isn't horrible considering my environment, but if I am not quick on typing the where clause it causes me to lag until it populates. A lot of the times I don't need insight I just happened to pause while looking at the code above it.

Is there a way I can take the auto invoke off and bind it to a key instead? that way I have it on demand but not assumed. I see the auto invoke delay which helps some just wondering if a shortcut may be more efficient. That way if I need it, I just tap a key and wait a moment.

Uncheck the Auto Invoke option on the Editor | Code Assist page in Toad's Options. Use Ctrl+T to manually invoke.

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Perfect I didn't see that in the shortcut list