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Comment/Uncomment vs highlight of editor row

Re: TDA 2.7

Is there a functional reason the line in the editor is highlighted after using a toolbar button or keyboard shortcut to comment/uncomment a line?

Especially via the keyboard shortcut, it’s frustrating to have to move back to your mouse to click out the highlight in order to run the full query. Ideally remove/add the comment hyphens and hit F9 in two steps.

I can be sold on a reason if one exists.

(while I’m here I might as well get up on my soapbox one more time to chime in about how great it would be to be able to drag column headers from the results pane back to the editor. I know about auto complete. Drag and drop is as easy at it gets.)


I don’t know of any reason the commented line is highlighted. We can look into that as well as the drag and drop column header.


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